Gambling Prevention Tips For The Employers

Possible Behavioural Traits of Personnel who Suffers from Problem Gambling

  • Work performance deteriorating, tasks frequently not completed on time
  • Being late for work, disappearing during work hours, or applying for sudden leave frequently
  • Overjoyed when winning lucky draw
  • Revealing financial difficulties, or requesting for salary advance
  • Does not like to take consecutive days of annual leave
  • Having money disputes with colleagues
  • Frequently going online or making private phone calls during work hours
  • Frequently gambling during lunch breaks or rest time
  • Having mood swings
  • Engaging in embezzlement, frauds, and other illegal activities

Problem gambling affects both the individual personnel and the organisation.  Establishing and implementing gambling prevention policy and measures at the workplace would benefit both the organisation and the psychological well-being of personnel.

How to handle personnel who suffer from problem gambling?

  1. Understand the problems faced by the personnel and whether there has been a breach of rules and regulations at work
  2. To the first-timer, give oral warning and opportunities to remedy and improve
    • Immediate oral warning, requiring the personnel to stop gambling
    • Don’t lend money to the personnel nor allow salary advance for repaying gambling debt
    • Require the personnel to improve his/her work performance in concrete terms and monitor him/her accordingly
    • In a caring and supportive manner, provide the personnel with information on counselling
    • If the personnel’s condition does not improve or even deteriorates, terminate the contract with him/her in accordance with the procedures and regulations of the organisation.
  3. Refer the personnel to counsellors based on his/ her needs and consent.

If any of your personnel has gambling problems, please encourage him/her to call our help hotline 2703 9811/ 183 4633(3) immediately and talk to our counsellors for assessment and counselling.

Gambling prevention policy and measures

Gambling-free workplace policy supported by clear rules and regulations
  • Discourage money lending among colleagues
  • Avoid making salary advances to personnel
  • Prohibit personnel from discussing or engaging in gambling in the workplace or while on duty
  • Meet up with personnel regularly to gain better understanding of and to pay concern to their needs and career development
  • Provide regular training to personnel so as to promote productivity, team spirit, and a sense of belonging to the organisation
  • Organize for personnel regular cultural or recreational activities in place of gambling
  • Display promotion materials for anti-gambling at prominent spots in the workplace
Preventing embezzlement
  • Set clear guidelines on cash management
  • Avoid holding large quantities of cash at the premises, count the cash at irregular intervals, and monitor the cash handover regularly
  • Avoid having personnel with gambling/ financial problems handle finance of the organisation
Preventive education for personnel
  • Organise for personnel regular gambling prevention talks, which topics may include understanding problem gambling, financial management, handling pressure, and communication skills
  • Join our “Gambling-free Workplace – Good for Business” program so that our dedicated counsellors can help your organisation handle and prevent gambling problems in the workplace.

Gambling-free Workplace
Good for Business

Scope of our program

Our “Gambling-free Workplace – Good for Business” program is prevention-based and covers the following four areas:

  1. Promoting personnel’s mental health as the basis for gambling prevention, through a series of seminars, group sessions, and workshops

  1. Providing timely professional counselling services to personnel who suffer from problem gambling and related emotional distress
  2. Providing psychology based work-related training (e.g. on customer service and talent management) that would promote personnel’s productivity and reduce work pressure thereby promoting resilience against gambling
  3. Paying regular visits to your premises so as to build up trust and rapport with your personnel, to gain better understanding of their psychological/ emotional needs and to identify any hidden gambling problems so that they can be dealt with on a timely basis
Would all these activities interrupt our business operation?

No, we shall work with you on planning and scheduling our services according to your needs.  For instance, our training can be adjunct to your in-house training activities. Our counsellors can meet with your personnel during rest time and off-peak hours.

What other benefits would we gain from joining the program?

Promoting a gambling-free culture within your industry would be an excellent way for your organisation to practise corporate social responsibility and in turn establish good corporate citizenship.  Along the way, your personnel would also become more productive and gain a greater sense of belonging to your organisation.

To learn more about this program, please contact our outreach counselling team at or 2703 9811 .